Doxycycline is an antibiotic. It's utilized to treat infections including and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), chest infections, skin infections, rosacea, dental infections, and many other rare infections.

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Drug Uses

Doxycycline is mainly prescribed against chronic prostatitis, sinusitis, Chlamydia, syphilis, acne.


Following the dosage directions of your doctor is the most reliable way to use any medication. If you are uncertain or forgot the instructions then you may go through the medicine label for more accurate information. Do not have Doxycycline just after a meal. Please drink a full glass of normal water with doxycycline. It is very essential that you complete the dosage plan and do not discontinue it in between without prior consultation from your doctor. Taking your medication regularly at the same time each day is a tried and tested approach to avoid missing any doses. The dosage should not be more than once in a day (24 hours).

Missed Dose

Even though you tried your best to keep track of the medication, if you still miss out on a dose, then take it when you learn about it. But keep in mind that you will have to modify your next dose by giving an interval of by 4 to 5 hours. If this is not possible, then the best thing to do would be to hop the dropped dose and proceed with your normal dosage schedule. Never try to balance for the missed dose by taking a double dose together. It may cause unfavorable effects.


Keep Doxycycline at room temperature. Always store it in a cool dark place that is not directly exposed to sources of heat or dampness and sunlight. Keep away from kids and pets.


An overdose of doxycycline may have unfavorable effects that demand immediate medical attention. Contact the nearest emergency poison control center quickly if you notice any side effects.
Doctors suggest not to use doxycycline if you are allergic to any element in the medicine or if you have any difficulties like diarrhea, a stomach or intestinal infection, a recent record of lupus, or porphyria.

Review your previous and prevailing medical history in detail with your doctor before starting treatment with any new medication. If you are using any herbal supplements or over the counter medication, like vitamins, then communicate it to your doctor.

Antibiotic doxycycline cannot be used for treating viral infections such as common cold and flu. So, keep a distance from people who have viral infections.

Some cases using antibiotics have reported extreme stomach cramps which are accompanied by bloody or tarry stools. If you observe this, then contact your physician instantly.

Regular usage of doxycycline has led to a re-infection which is more difficult than the initial infection. Therefore, doctors will continually watch your condition while using doxycycline.

If you are awaiting a child or are preparing to have a child soon, then consult your doctor before using doxycycline to know any potential threats to the unborn baby.

If you are a nursing mother and breastfeed your baby, ask your doctor before using doxycycline as some drugs are discharged in the breast milk and may enter the baby.
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