Clozaril, also identified as Clozapine, being an atypical antipsychotic, it is very beneficial for controlling patients suffering from schizophrenia and those who usually do not tend to react to any other medicines. It can also be made helpful for overcoming the danger of suicidal behavior in some cases.

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Drug Uses

Clozaril is helpful in managing patients of schizophrenia who normally do not tend to respond to any other medicines. It also helps in lowering the risk of suicidal behavioral patterns in some patients. It can also be made beneficial for treating certain other conditions as and when decided by your doctor.


It is compulsory to follow the instructions of your doctor for using Clozaril. Read the instructions on the package to learn more about the medicine and its usage.

You may intake Clozaril with a meal to avoid an upset stomach or without a meal also. Consume a whole big glass of water with Clozaril. It is not all recommended to abandon the course of medicine without asking your doctor. Try to intake the medicine at the same point everyday.

Drug Class and Mechanism

Clozaril is an atypical antipsychotic endeavor that can influence certain chemicals in your brain. It also has an impact on behavior and thought.

Missed Dose

Try to maintain the doses, if you missed a dose, take it as soon as you recollect about it, also space it 4 to 5 hours with the next dose, otherwise skip it and continue with the next dose. However, do not take two tablets at a time, it's after-effects may be unpredictable.


Keep Clozaril at room temperature preferably within 20 to 25 degrees C. Always keep it in a cool dark place that is not immediately exhibited to sources of heat or moisture and sunlight. Preserve it from kids and pets.
Experts advise against using Clozaril if you are allergic to any constituent in it or if you have ailments like bone marrow problems or any other blood cell problems, a record of blood problems caused by Clozaril, have uncontrolled convulsions or epilepsy, lack of bowel muscle movement, critical drowsiness, or if you are into medications that may produce blood problems.

Tell your earlier and current medical stories to your doctor to understand how to start your treatment. Mention the list of medicines you are taking now.

Your health might be observed or the dosage might be altered to suit you if you are pregnant, or intending to become pregnant, or even if you are nursing or if you are into prescription or nonprescription drugs, dietary supplement or herbal compound, have sensitivities to food, medicines, or other substances, have an account of blood problems, coagulation, lung or heart difficulties, have a chronicle of kidney or liver problems, high blood cholesterol levels, seizures, swollen prostate, lengthy and painful erections, stomach or bowel obstacles, hereditary diabetes issues, obesity issues, have weak health, and lastly if you have encountered a decrease in the activity of enzymes which metabolize specific medications.
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